CA Inter Coaching Classes in Lucknow

Develop your CA Inter preparation in Lucknow with our dynamic coaching classes. Our seasoned faculty, tailored study programs, and interactive learning approach address the unique needs of aspiring chartered accountants. Join Commerce Buddies to find CA Inter Coaching Classes in Lucknow. Experience a blend of excellence, support, and success as you embark on a transformative journey towards CA Inter achievement.

1. Mittal Commerce Classes

CA Manoj Gupta established Mittal Commerce Classes to establish a platform that nurtures individuals into successful, disciplined, diligent, forward-thinking, and wise professionals, contributing to the development of a more advanced and progressive society. The institution is committed to providing high-quality education and conducts CA Inter-Coaching Classes in Lucknow.

The faculty at Mittal Commerce Classes consists of proficient educators and a devoted team of commerce experts, all operating under the guidance of an experienced Board of Directors. Their collective effort is focused on preparing students for the chartered accountant intermediate exams through an innovative and practical teaching approach.


  1. Friendly Environment
  2. Doubt Resolution Classes
  3. India’s Most Experienced Faculty
  4. Regular mock and practice tests
  5. Stable and successful results in previous years

Why Choose MCC?

  1. Opting for MCC increases your likelihood of successfully clearing all exams on your initial try.
  2. Access recorded virtual classes that are clear, straightforward, and comprehensive.
  3. Receive individualized guidance through telephone consultations, tailored to your performance on mock test papers.
  4. Engage in frequent mock test sessions.
  5. Access the most recent and up-to-date study materials.
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2. Gaur’s The Commerce House, Lucknow

Gaur’s, a prominent coaching institute in Lucknow, has established itself as good choices for CA, CS, and B. Com courses. Recognizing the diverse learning pace of students, the institute ensures comprehensive and interactive classroom sessions. The faculty fosters a comfortable environment for students to freely discuss challenges, maintaining a casual rapport. With round-the-clock availability for doubt clarification, Gaur’s envisions each student as a potential achiever, fostering competence. The institute’s commitment to affordability further contributes to its reputation as one of the well-known CA coaching centers in Lucknow.


  • Skilled teaching staff
  • Dedicated support for struggling students via additional instructional sessions
  • Organized and well-planned classroom sessions

3. Arpit Gupta Classes, Lucknow

The advent of the internet has brought about significant advantages for both students and educators. Teachers can now impart knowledge beyond geographical boundaries, a benefit embraced by Arpit Gupta Classes in Lucknow. Utilizing online platforms, they offer education for courses such as CA, CMA, and CS, including the provision of video tutorials. With a professional approach, they have successfully guided for CA aspirants, ensuring ongoing support as needed.


  • Dedicated GST classes
  • Learning materials tailored to students
  • Creative approaches to transitioning
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4. Arvind Tuition Classes, Lucknow

Established in 1995, this Lucknow-based CA coaching institute has consistently excelled. The highly-qualified faculty has successfully guided numerous CA qualifiers, providing individual attention that attracts students. The institute’s prime location caters to diverse student needs, and its students consistently perform well in exams. The teachers’ student-friendly approach simplifies complex subjects, and their knowledgeability and friendliness contribute to the institute’s prominence in Lucknow as a familiar CA coaching center.


  • Experienced and skilled teaching staff
  • Limited class sizes, capped at 10 students per batch
  • Flexible class schedules tailored to accommodate the availability of individual participants

5. Nexgen Academy, Lucknow

The NexGen Academy, initially comprising novices, has evolved into industry leaders. Today, it is recognized as a premier CA coaching institute in Lucknow. Boasting a stellar faculty dedicated to producing top-notch CAs for the nation, NexGen Academy has nurtured countless students. Staffed by CA-qualified instructors, it offers high-quality study materials. Teachers foster a competitive environment to assess students effectively under pressure, instilling a sense of responsibility for self-improvement.


  • Location is easily accessible
  • Assistance with classes such as CAT, CLAT, and CS
  • Batch sizes that are set at 25 each


In the vibrant city of Lucknow, CA Inter Coaching Classes stand as beacons of knowledge and excellence. These coaching centers not only impart technical skills but also foster a culture of determination and perseverance. As aspirants tread the path to success, Lucknow’s coaching classes become the guiding lights, shaping futures with a blend of expertise and mentorship.

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