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As we know, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) has recently made some important changes to the CA Exam pattern for CA Foundation, Inter, and CA Final. Navigating through changes in examination structures can be challenging, requiring candidates to adapt their preparation strategies accordingly.

In this blog, we aim to offer valuable insights on how to prepare effectively for the CA Exam Preparation in the new landscape introduced by ICAI. Whether you are a CA Foundation, Inter, or Final aspirant, understanding the modified syllabus and adopting strategic study techniques is crucial for success. Join us as we delve into essential tips and provide a general overview of the syllabus to guide you in preparing confidently for the CA Exam in 2024.

CA Foundation: Old Syllabus vs. New Syllabus

  • The new scheme for the Foundation level brings about a notable reduction in the number of subjects and papers.
  • Under this revised framework, the subjects have been streamlined from 6 to 4.
  • Two subjects, namely Business Correspondence & Reporting and Business & Commercial Knowledge, have been removed from the curriculum.
  • To successfully pass the Foundation level, students are now required to attain a minimum score of 50%.

ICAI CA Foundation Paper Names

  1. Principles and Practice of Accounting
  2. Business Laws
  3. Quantitative Aptitude
  4. Business Economics

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CA Intermediate: Old Syllabus vs. New Syllabus

  • The new scheme for the CA Inter level reduces the number of subjects from 8 to 6, resulting in 3 subjects per group.
  • This transformation involves the elimination of two subjects from the CA Inter syllabus in 2024.
  • Papers 1 and 5 have been merged to form a single subject named Advanced Accounting.
  • The subject “Enterprise Information Systems” has been entirely removed from the syllabus. Another noteworthy change is the exclusion of “Economics for Finance” from subject 8.
  • Its content has been integrated into Paper 6, now titled Financial Management and Strategic Management.
  • Paper 2 of CA Intermediate is now dedicated exclusively to Company Law.
  • The new scheme for 2024 introduces two groups, each consisting of three papers, into the CA intermediate level syllabus.

Group 1:

  1. Advance Accounting
  2. Corporate Laws
  3. Taxation

Group 2:

  1. Cost and Management Accounting
  2. Auditing and Code of Ethics
  3. Financial Management and Strategic Management

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CA Articleship: Old vs. New Pattern

  • The validity period of CA articles has been reduced to 2 years from the previous 3 years.
  • Students must have at least 1 year of experience in a CA firm.

CA Final: Old Syllabus vs. New Syllabus

  • The CA Final exam stands as the ultimate stage of evaluation administered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) for individuals aspiring to attain the prestigious designation of Chartered Accountants (CAs).
  • This examination serves as the culmination of a rigorous and comprehensive journey through the various levels of the CA program.
  • In response to the dynamic landscape of professional education, the new scheme implemented at the CA Final level has led to a reduction in the number of subjects from 8 to 6, resulting in a more streamlined curriculum with 3 subjects per group.
  • This strategic adjustment aims to enhance the efficiency of the examination process while ensuring that candidates receive a well-rounded education that equips them with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the challenging field of accountancy.


  1. Financial Reporting.
  2. Advanced Financial Management.
  3. Advanced Auditing, Assurance, and Professional Ethics.


  1. Direct Tax Laws & International Taxation.
  2. Indirect Tax Laws.
  3. Integrated Business Solutions.

10 Tips to Prepare for CA Exams – 2024

As we know, the CA exam is the most important exam in a 12th commerce student’s life. Here we have given some important tips about CA exam preparation.

1. Understanding the New CA Exam Syllabus
  • The key to successful CA exam preparation is understanding the new syllabus. Stay up to date with the latest changes and updates to ensure you’re covering the right topics.
2. Key Changes and Updates for CA Exam Preparation
  • Know the major changes in the CA exam syllabus and adapt your studying approach accordingly. Being aware of the changes will give you a competitive advantage as you prepare.
3. Creating a Strategic Study Plan for Success
  • A well-structured study plan is your path to success. Learn how to create a strategic plan that maximizes your effectiveness and optimises your understanding of CA exam concepts.
4. Essential Resources for Mastering CA Exam Concepts
  • Access to the right resources is critical. Go through a curated list of essential materials to master the concepts of the CA exam and stay ahead of the curve in your preparation.
5. Effective Time Management Techniques for CA Preparation
  • Time management is a skill that every CA candidate must master. Discover effective techniques to make the most of your study hours and increase your productivity.
6. Practical Tips for Tackling CA Exam Papers
  • Passing CA exam papers can be challenging. Get practical tips to help you approach questions strategically and improve your exam results.
7. Navigating Challenges in the Updated CA Curriculum
  • With change comes problems. Learn how to navigate the updated CA curriculum while eliminating common obstacles that arise during the preparation phase.
8. Interactive Learning Tools for CA Exam Success
  • Take part in interactive training. Explore tools and platforms that will complement your learning style and make your CA exam preparation more effective.
9. Connecting with Peers: A Supportive CA Exam Community
  • Building a support network is vital. Connect with peers, share experiences, and gain valuable information from a supportive community of CA examiners.
10. Staying Motivated Throughout Your CA Exam Preparation Journey
  • Staying motivated is the key to preparing thoroughly for the CA exam. Discover practical strategies to help you stay inspired and focused throughout your journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ques1: How many papers are there in the CA Foundation exam?

Ans: The CA Foundation exam consists of four papers, covering subjects like Principles and Practice of Accounting, Business Laws, Quantitative Aptitude, and Business Economics.

Ques2: What is the eligibility criteria for CA Foundation?

Ans: To be eligible for the CA Foundation exam, a candidate must pass the 10th exam and register for the Foundation course with ICAI.

Ques3: How many groups are there in the CA Final exam?

Ans: The CA Final exam consists of two groups, each containing 3 papers.

Ques4: Is there a limit on the number of attempts for the CA Final exam?

Ans: No, there is no restriction on the number of attempts for the CA Final exam.

Ques5: Can I directly appear for the CA Inter without completing the Foundation?

Ans: No, successful completion of the CA Foundation is a prerequisite for appearing in the CA Inter exam.

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