5 Best 12th Commerce Classes in India


Everyone wants to do well in school to have greater job opportunities, and graduating from high school is unquestionably the most important year of one’s career. The outcomes of the 12th commerce class exams will probably impact the college a student chooses to attend, which will determine their entire career path. More than 90% of your board examinations are needed to get into the college of your dreams.

A study of trade and commercial operations, such as the transfer of goods and services from producer to final consumer, is meant to be studied as a branch of commerce education. Economics, accounting, and business studies are the main courses taught in the Commerce stream in Classes 11 and 12.

Since it leads to several professional courses that students can pursue immediately after finishing their Class 12 studies, including Chartered Accountancy (CA), Company Secretary (CS), Cost and Management Accountant (CMA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Banking Sector, Teaching, and so on, Commerce is a crucial stream. 

To assist you in selecting the finest coaching classes for you, we have compiled a list of the 5 best 12th commerce classes:

  1. Mittal Commerce Classes
  2. Physics Wallah
  3. Sachin Ajmera classes
  4. Commerce Pathshala
  5. Vedantu

1. Mittal Commerce Classes

Mittal Commerce Classes is  a great choice for your board exams. The institute employs a group of specialists to deliver the highest caliber of instruction. Once more, they cover topics like math, accounting, business studies, and economics. Students in these classes are also prepared for the CA, CMA exams. And it is the best CA coaching class in India. 

Additionally, these courses have timely doubt sessions and mock exams. This course lasts for a whole year.

Both online and offline access are offered for the classes. Students can attend the institute’s branches in Jaipur, New Delhi, Chennai, Kota, and Jodhpur for offline and online classes. This makes these courses an excellent option for students as well.

2. Physics Wallah

Physics Wallah has created several affordable commerce courses for 12th classes in India. The top academics in India teach math, accounting, business studies, and economics to students in the 12th class with the 12th class syllabus.

This institute has introduced the batch, which is free for commerce students in the 12th class. They have recorded lectures, skepticism lessons, and notes available on the PW app. Each chapter has a one-shot serial available.

Students preparing for both the 12th and CUET tests can take advantage of a discounted Tivr fast-track batch for the 12th board and CUET, which is also available. For those seeking instruction at a reasonable cost, these seminars are a great choice.

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3. Sachin Ajmera classes

For the past 17 years, Sachin Ajmera’s classes have been educating students in the subject of commerce and have assisted numerous students in achieving professional success. The instructors at this college offer top-notch instruction and have a wealth of experience.

Students in the 12th class of commerce can receive coaching in math, accounting, and economics. Students have the choice of receiving tutoring via online or physical channels. For offline instruction, students must go to the institute’s teaching facility in Gandhi Nagar Mod, Jaipur. To help the students get ready for their final exams, this coaching administers many mock exams and assessments.

The successful outcomes that this coaching has produced in the past serve as proof. This is the ideal location if you’re searching for highly qualified educators who are enthusiastic about their work.

4. Commerce Pathshala

The knowledgeable instructors at Commerce Pathshala will assist you in achieving a score of greater than 90% on your board exams.

They offer instruction in both offline and online formats. There are offline classes offered at the institute’s Jaipur location. The instructors for these courses are highly qualified and knowledgeable.

Students enrolled in this coaching course have access to all 12th commerce subjects. Students can purchase certain classes based on their needs. Accounting, economics, and business subjects in 12th Classes on pen drives and Google Drive can be purchased.

Students at this institute receive additional preparation through revision classes, question-and-answer sessions, and long lectures.

5. Vedantu

Vedantu teaches all of the commerce class 12 subjects. About 38 students received a score of more than 90% in 2023, and 57 students received a score of more than 85%.

They offer master lessons, debates on previous year’s exam papers, quizzes, and assistance in clearing up doubts. This institute offers test series, recorded lessons, and revision classes to aid in your preparation.

If you are not happy with your current teacher, you can switch to a new one at any point during the day. With its individualized teaching approach, Vedantu is a good option for a lot of students.

Ways to Select the Top 12th Commerce Classes Courses

It can be challenging for students to choose the top 12th commerce classes in India because 12th-grade commerce is regarded as the most challenging class of all. Each institute has its own set of requirements, quality faculty, and infrastructure. Students must take into account the following criteria when selecting the top commerce school in India for their 12th commerce class:

  • Faculty: When selecting the top coaching center for 12th commerce classes, faculty is thought to be the most crucial consideration. The teachers at the coaching institute have to be qualified, competent, and experienced.
  • Infrastructure: Well-designed facilities foster a positive learning environment, boost students’ self-esteem, and boost productivity.
  • Past Performance: The student should ascertain the institute’s passing percentage over the previous two to three years before enrolling in any course.
  • Fees: Students should confirm the cost of their 12th commerce classes before enrolling in a coaching course. Select a school that offers competent instruction at a reasonable cost.

Frequently Asked Questions about 12th Commerce Courses

1. What are the top coaching centers for 12th commerce class in India?

There are numerous top institutes offering coaching for 12th commerce classes, that are 

  • Mittal Commerce Classes
  • Physics Wallah
  • Sachin Ajmera classes
  • Commerce Pathshala
  • Vedantu
2. What is the estimated cost of the top 12th commerce classes coaching in India?

If you enroll in a coaching center for the 12th Commerce Course, you will need to pay around 30k to 40k for the complete coaching course.

3. When is the optimal time to enroll in the top institution for 12th commerce classes?

The optimal time to enroll in top coaching for the 12th commerce course is following the conclusion of the 11th commerce classes.

4. What is the best way to get ready for the 12th exam?

The most effective method to get ready for the 12th exam is to first acquire a good grasp of the concepts, and then engage in practice. In addition to textbooks, students should consult appropriate books and study resources.

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